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NBA Livescore Plus/Minus Statistic In Basketball

Many basketball players have great statistics, but only the best can be a decisive victory. The aim of the game of basketball is not collecting points, rebounds, assists, or but victory. "Good players lead their teams to wins." The expression expressed by and t. Rosenbaum, a Professor of Economics from the University of North Carolina who propose the use of the new statistics can measure the contribution of the players in the victory.
In recent years, the NBA added a new column in the table of their statistics, namely column +/-(plus/minus).
According to the NBA, stats +/- is used to demonstrate the effectiveness of teamwork. With these statistics can be known players or a combination player, started two players up to five players, who contribute the most to each game. Basically these statistics record the difference points when an or combination of players are in the field and on the bench.
Initially, +/-statistics used in the sport of hockey goals, to measure the difference does not include goals on penalties. The following players were in the field get + 1 when his team scored a goal, and get-1 when his team conceded. The main purpose of this statistic is a measure of the role players in surviving and attacking. Houston Rockets NBA team is the first to use these statistics (with slight modification) is capable of mengunkan the effectiveness of Shane Battier, a player who had been away from the attention, but was able to give a large contribution in surviving and attacking while not scoring a lot of points.
For example, if Jeremy Lin played in a game when the score 80-80 and left the field when his team winning 3 points, ma he get + 3. Conversely, if he played when his team was winning 13 points and left the field when his team winning 3 numbers, then he gets to 10.
The figure is added to the end of the match so that it brings the final +/-for each player, as seen on NBA Live box score below:
NBA Livescore
The image above is a snippet of the box score of the match when the NBA New York Knicks entertain the Sacramento Kings at Madison Square Garden on February 15, 2012 local time. From the box score can be interpreted, rookie sensation Jeremy Lin, bringing the Knicks 19 points during the Surplus played for 26:16 minutes.
+/- Statistics can be calculated at every game or all season accumulated. For example, if a player played in the matches with the accumulation of statistics +/-reach-8 and at the matches noted + 3, then a total of +/-the players-5. Thus it can be known to the player or players who have a combination of +/-best stats in each season. The following is a statistical record of +/-best NBA season 2013/2014 until February 2014.
Although already applied by the NBA, there are still pros and cons of some parties against the use of these statistics because it produces the data are biased or strange. For example, Tyreke Evans, O.J. Mayo, Luis Scola, and David Lee are ranked at the bottom of the statistical record of +/-his team.
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Wilt Chamberlain, Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, Shaquille O'Neal and other NBA stars is remembered as the best players of all time not merely because they are very good. They are famous because of Chan's performance is recorded very detail in statistics.
Try to open the search site Google, and then type the name of one of the players above. In a moment popping up sites that present statistical data of the great players, such as the number of points, rebounds, asis, and the different achievements ever written, for example as a player or as an NBA All Star players. All complete!
Basketball does indeed one of sport which worship the statistics. The International Basketball Federation (FIBA) provides statistics for basketball tournaments around the world that can be viewed over the internet. Statistics of the National Basketball League (NBL), which took place in Bandung, Indonesia (series I), Jakarta (series II), Malang (series III), and Solo (Series IV) which are underway can be seen on
Statistics in basketball game may be confusing for the unfamiliar because it uses the term in the United Kingdom is abbreviated language. However, the numbers that usually contains the standard data, such as name, number of players, and how many minutes he played. There are also a number of uprights the number of tosses is right on target (FG), free throws or free throw (disingat FT.), the number of tosses three figures (3 p), asis (AST), the number of balls that bounce on the Board due to fumble or throw rebound (REB), the number of violations or foul (F), the number of lost balls or turnover (TO), and the number of balls that are stolen from your opponent or steal (S).
More details more, rebounds are divided two kinds: offensive rebounds, that rebound in the position of attacking and defensive rebounding, namely rebounds in defensive positions. Violations are also divided in two, between violations committed a breach caused players and other players.

The statistics in Livescore Basketball also displays the number of times a failed throw and how an incoming throw baskets.

Livescore BasketballAlthough it looks confusing, through the statistics illustrated clearly how the performance of each player and the team in the match. Similarly, with the player character, for example, who the players are his Slingshot sniper, aggressive players, players who love to survive, players who are good at rebounding, many players lost the ball, and the player who misses his Slingshot. After the game, the coaches often use statistical data it as material evaluation team.
NBL Indonesia ever realize the importance of statistics. PT Deteksi Basket Lintas (DBL) as the provider of the NBL Indonesia gave the prize to the player who had the achievement statistics.
Special appreciation is given to players who have reached 1,000 points and 1,000 rebounds. There are six players that have grabbed Indonesia NBL 1,000 points and counting. They are the Priasmoro of Dwi Yanuar milky way with 345 points, Merio Ferdiansyah (Stadium, 1.194 points), Bhima Rizky Xeniagreekmuslimah (milky way, 1173), Julius Achmad Faisal (Satria Muda, 1,075), Ary Chandra (Pelita Jaya, 1.074), and Xavier Prawiro (Aspac, 1,002).
For other categories, such as 1,000 rebounds, no one has achieved this. However, Galank Gunawan of the knights who had collected 917 rebound predicted could reach 1,000 rebounds in Solo.
"If Galank manage to grab 1,000 rebounds, the name was recorded as the first player in the NBL, Indonesia grabbed it. In fact, it is difficult once reached 1,000 rebounds, "said Director of PT Indonesia DBL Azrul Ananda.
Galank never count the number of rebounds scored in each match. "For me, grab 1,000 rebounds is a bonus because the important thing is the victory of the team," said midfielder Magelang, Central Java, that.
Statistics in basketball is not just a row of numbers. Those figures have plenty of meaning for the development of basketball itself.

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